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A: No. Ferreira de Sá uses only the most luxurious and natural raw materials. As a result, slight natural deviations in colour, texture and dimension may occur. A hand-made rug has a unique signature and no rug will be equal to the next. If a rug with the same shade as another one or existing sample is required, the client should report to the sales responsible the production number (entitled PROD) to select the most accurate colour match possible.
A: Yes. Ferreira de Sá ensures that all rugs are produced according to strict rules, rigorous processes and high quality standards. All products and processes submit to TÜV Rheinland Portugal rules, accreditation and quality assurance. Ferreira de Sá provides you with a 2 year warranty. Any visible defects must be pointed out to Ferreira de Sá within a maximum of 15 days upon delivery. Please take good care of this exceptional piece, as through use the rug will become embellished, adapting its tone and textures to your routines.
A: For Wool and Mohair rugs we recommend dry cleaning, or with water until 30°C. In rugs with Botanical Silk and/or Visrayon and/or Linen, dry cleaning by professionals is advisable and water should never be used. For Outdoor rugs use cold water with a neutral pH soap or a non-ionic detergent. It is advisable a professional cleaning by specialized companies.
A: Yes if you request. The anti-stain treatment applied to the rugs is an impermeabilization process. We apply a special product (such as Scotchguard, Golden Clou, Fiber Protector, etc) on the finished rugs, so that the fibres are more protected against stains. Application through spray-pulverisation on the rugs. This process must be repeated once a year or every 2 years, depending on the use of the rugs.
A: Yes they have. With good room ventilation, the new carpet smell should disappear within approximately two days of the carpet being installed.
A: Carpet pile will flatten to some extent due to normal use. Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning will reduce the degree of flattening.
A: Dirt is everywhere. Keeping it out of the rug is easier and less expensive than removing it. Regular vacuuming is the most important part of any maintenance program.
A: Not necessarily. It is recommended the use of an anti-slip net (underlay) under the outdoor rugs to prevent slips. As an alternative, application of latex in the backing of the rugs is also recommended. Note: Due to the type of weaving, it may happen short fibres to pop up with usage. These can be cutted with manual scissors.
A: It’s very important that the carpets are turned regularly, so that the effects caused by light and normal wear might be equivalent in the whole surface of the rug. When there is furniture placed on the carpet exercising pressure, a carpet protection can be used so it won’t damage the pile and the aspect of the rug.
A: This is a normal characteristic of Hand-Tufted rugs, particularly staple or spun yarn. It is caused by some of the outside fibres or yarn bundles becoming detached. Regular vacuuming using a good quality vacuum cleaner and high power (no rotating head) will start diminishing after some months of use and it does not affect in any aspect the carpet’s resistance, aspect and quality. This is a common characteristic of natural fibers and should never be considered as a defect of quality.
A: Yes, it is. A slight deviation in texture and color may occur from lot to lot in all natural fibers. Where exact color match is required, please advise our customer service department and we will forward a cutting from actual production for customer approval prior to shipment. If an exact colour match is required, indications must be given to our customer service and that information must be included in the purchase order sent by the client.
A: Flatweave - maximum 5m wide and no length limit. Hand-Tufted - any size can be produced. Be aware that rugs can vary in size +/-3% from the size ordered. This is an industry accepted manufacturing variation. If precise and exact sizes are required, please mention it when placing the purchase order.
A: Our rugs are made to order, and can take up to 4-6 weeks to deliver to any Europe address, depending on the type of production (HT / HW / HK). For other destinations, contact the sales department.
A: Stains are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. Remove a spill quickly and there is less chance it will become a stain. Clean spills immediately by blotting with a clean absorbent cloth. Then wipe with a clean cloth moistened with shampoo solution for upholstery, letting it dry. For a deeper cleaning, please use a specialized carpet cleaning company.
A: If you notice any type of visible damage in the rug transport, you should report it to Ferreira de Sá with photographs of the product before and after unpacking. The complaint must be reported with reference to the original purchase documents - invoice, transportation guide, delivery proof and other documents that you consider relevant. Send an email with photographs and a description of the damage to the recipient Note: Ferreira de Sá is not responsible for damages related to transportation, namely damage to the rug, delay in delivery or loss of goods. It is the customer's responsibility not to sign any delivery documents before analyzing the condition of the goods.

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