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How to Choose The Right Rug Size

feb, 2018
Choosing the right rugs for our homes can be a challenge. Rugs are available in a variety of colors, materials, prices and even sizes, which can eventually make it difficult to be able to choose the most suitable ones, due to the huge variety in the market.
One of the most important details to consider when we choose a rug is the format and measures, and this is the most common mistake in interior decoration. In order to avoid bad decisions, in this post we will provide the right tips on how to choose the right rug size related to the functional area where it will be placed.

Step 1 – The Rugs’ Purpose
The rugs should be chosen depending on the function they will perform since each division has different "rules" to obey. The main function of the rug is to provide comfort and warmth and it is also an essential decorative element. However, before you start planning a space, you must take into consideration for whom the space is.

Step 2 - The Perfect Measure
Before making the purchase decision, you must carefully measure your area in question. There are numerous ways to use a rug in a room, combining it with different sizes and textures. Basic sizes are available for easier decision making, however, you can opt for a custom-made rug, which will bring you numerous advantages such as: perfect size, material, texture and custom colors.
Bigger is better: A few centimeters makes all the difference as it gives the room a sense of grandeur. Thus, if the division is small we advise that you use a rug that favors the room and changes the spatial perception.


Step 3 – The Right Choice
Finally, after measuring the division and delineating the function of space, you should start looking for the perfect rug. To find it, you should take into consideration the next infographic below which advises as to all of the ways to use, as well as not to use, a rug in different divisions: living room, dining room and bedroom.


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