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Which Rug Shape for your Space? Tips to Choose the Best One

apr, 2018
The selection of the ideal rug is a very difficult decision to make. The biggest problem, beyond size, it’s the choice of the shape of the rug. Define the shape isn’t easy: round, square or rectangular? In order to make the right decision, it’s important to pay attention to some characteristics, such as the shape and size of the space, the furniture, the style and the purpose.
A more precise and usual choice, although it’s not a rule, is choosing the rug with the shape of the room. For example, if the room is long the rug needs to be rectangular or if it is a wide division you can choose many carpets and conjugate different shapes.

What stands out with the shape of the rug

Circle Rug
A circular shaped rug fits well with any decorating style, but is essentially a more modern, capricious or cozy room. It is usually used when the room is circular or small, as it makes the space appear larger. These are not the right choice when you have a large room, unless your use is combined with other rugs. The last one is usually present when we want an object to project into the room, for example, under a piano or a piece of furniture.

Square Rug
The square rugs are typically used in the decoration of a square division and when it doesn’t happen, are conjugated with the furniture that presents this shape. These shouldn’t be confused with rectangular carpets, because if we have a long room the solution is to change this by a rectangular one, since it is necessary to cover all the space and to be under the furniture.

Rectangle Rug
This shape is the most traditional of the three and the most produced. The rectangular rug is ideal for large divisions (especially for living rooms, dining or offices) and the rug’s size needs to match the rest of the decoration. Just like square rugs, rectangular rugs should be proportional to space. In addition, these rugs are used to decorate the corridors and staircases (in a more fulfilled and narrow size).

So, don’t be afraid to risk the versatility of the shape of your carpets and always make sure that your choice creates a harmony in the decoration of your space.


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