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Making Rugs – Using Wool in different techniques

jun, 2018
After dyeing the wool the yarn goes into the stock. When a carpet is produced with this technique, the material is placed on the winder, and when yarn is needed for the carpet, it will be placed in the wire cutting machine so that it reaches the necessary size for the production of the carpet knots Hand-Knotted.

1. Winder
2. Wire cutting machine

3. Yarn
4. Hand-Knotted looms

In the Hand-Woven technique, the yarn that is in stock is manually wrapped around a wooden object creating a weaving shuttle. The shuttles are created with the materials and colors that were chosen for the carpet and, after their creation, the shuttles are placed on the loom for the production of the product.

1. Weaving shuttle
2. Weaving shuttle and the looms

In Hand-Tufting, the material after being dyed goes to the winding machine where it is transformed into reels (cones). After this transformation, the reels are taken into stock. When wool is needed for the production of carpets, the wool reels are attached to the tufting guns and these gadgets inject wire into the carpet.

1. Winder machine
2. Winder machine making reels

3. Wool reels
4. Tufting gun

Sales Tools
The materials are not only taken to the production areas, these are also taken to a very important department, the color department. There, they are created by connecting a certain number of threads: the Pompoms and the Dolls.
Pompons are a commercial tool in that they represent in all materials the colors that the company makes available for production. With them, the customer can choose the color and material he wants for his product.
The dolls have a later use to the use of the Pompons. With them, the customer will see as a result the mixture and use of the colors and materials that he chose.
In Portugal, Ferreira de Sá is the only company that produces this type of products.

1. Pompons
2. Dolls


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