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The perfect material for your carpet

jun, 2018
In order to create masterpieces, Ferreira de Sá selects only the finest and most durable raw-materials. Our yarn is carefully chosen and it is submitted to a very strict quality control process. From pure wool, to our smooth botanical silk, we mix and play with yarns and colors, which allows us to create original and joyful patterns and textures. With 72 years of experience is this field, we have learned that much can be done when we combine versatile materials with premium design.
To choose the right rug, it is essential to know different types of materials that we offer. At Ferreira de Sá there are four main types of materials: wool, mohair, botanical silk and linen. It is important to show that it is possible to mix many types of materials on the same rug, making the creation of a rug a fun and unique experience.

Mohair is a luxury fiber like cashmere, angora and silk, it has a beautiful lustre that adds richness and intensity to colors.
Mohair, the fleece of an Angora goat, is one of the world’s most ancient, exclusive and sustainable natural fibers, it is favored for its softness and durability. The lustrous hair of the Angora goat occurs on every natural shade ranging from black through browns to white, thus making possible a wide variety of colors –schemes with no dyes.

Wool has been used for thousands of years in the textile area and is renowned for its softness, beauty, strength and warmth, making wool an excellent choice for carpet creation. This has a natural ability to resist stains and dirt. Its texture allows you to quickly recover the crushing or indentation caused by steps or furniture. This natural resistance also keeps the carpet looking fresh and new for long periods of time. Wool rugs are available in a wide selection of styles, patterns, designs, shapes and sizes.

Botanical Silk and Contract Botanical Silk
Fibers come from nature and make use of photosynthesis which, from the beginning of time, has been an important mechanism in nature and the basis of life on Earth. In photosynthesis, the energy of the sun is absorbed by various dyes, especially green chlorophyll, and converted to chemical energy. In this regard, the starting materials of carbon dioxide and water are converted to dextrose and oxygen. The more Botanical Silk fibers you have, the more oxygen.
The attractive luster of silk makes it suitable for many real estate applications, in our case used on carpets.

Linen is a natural fiber that is produced without the use of chemicals, which classifies it as an ecological material. The main characteristics of linen are strength and durability. In addition, it has high resistance to stains and odors.

Tomato color in materials:
Botanical Silk


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