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Casa Decor Madrid 2019

feb, 2019
The Room Office – Lounge

Casa Decor is an exclusive interior design exhibition, with a unique format in Europe, which happens every year in a different place in the center of Madrid. For 6 weeks, the exhibition opens to the public a unique and historic building, which accommodates about fifty spaces decorated by the most outstanding interior designers of the moment.
Since 1992, Casa Decor has been a reference in the interior design sector in Spain, with great media relevance, prestige and credibility. In the 2018 edition, 49,393 visitors explored 67 spaces, which highlights the greatness of this event.
In the 2019 edition, Casa Decor opens its doors to present the latest trends in interior design, architecture, design and art and counts on the participation of 16 Portuguese companies.
Ferreira de Sá is proud to be one of the companies to be present, as part of the emblematic Portuguese Office "Lounge - Lounge" decorated by the famous Spanish designer Erico Navazo. The purpose of the room is to capture the values of Portuguese culture through the exhibition of materials with a tradition of craftsmanship, vitality and refinement: tapestries, cork and ceramics. Inspired by the simple and sophisticated lines of the Portuguese architecture of the 1950s, Eric chose a hand-tufted rug produced in three different raw materials (mohair, wool and botany) sophisticated and elegant.

What should visit

It is noteworthy that in addition to the highlighted room, you can visit the other windows that together highlight styles such as the classic renovated, eclectic, ethnic chic, minimalist, vintage retro and rustic, highlighting two particular divisions:

Be You, Be Punk, Punk Revolution

The Lounge - Bar "Punk Revolution" designed by the artist Miriam Alía Mateo was conceived precisely to be a daring, revolutionary, nonconformist and unique space.

Courtyard "Remembrance of a garden that Georgia hid" - Sunbrella Space

Georgia O'Kefee was, fundamentally, an interpreter of outdoor trails. The original versions of their flowers, their animal skeletons, cloud images or skyscrapers could only be considered natural "coming out of the closet". The SunBrella space was realized by Izaskun Chinchila, Alejandro Espallargas, Jesús Valer and Roberto de Vicente inspired by the abstraction, modernity, nature and feminism.

How to buy the ticket

This edition is taking place in the neighborhood of Salamanca, more precisely at the corner of Calle Núñez de Balboa and Juan Bravo. Located in one of the most beautiful and pleasant walks of the city, the building of Rua Núñez de Balboa, 86, is the house of the event that will take place until 10TH of March.
The price of Casa Decor 2019 is between 12 and 17 euros, and the General Entry is 16.5 euros with already included tariffs. Tickets are valid from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm.

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