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ECONYL – Sustainable Innovation

may, 2020
Our willingness to innovate and create new products that satisfy the high demands of our customers is infinite, but we are aware of the scarce resources of our planet and concerned with their preservation.
Thus, our bet on ECONYL, a sustainable thread, regenerated from ocean fishing nets and aquaculture, remains of fabrics and carpets, emerged.

New products without new features

The process of transforming a previously used product into a new and high quality one is complex and involves a lot of research and development in order to ensure the quality of the products produced.
The ECONYL Regeneration System begins with the collection of waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets and industrial plastics in oceans and landfills around the world. This waste is subsequently separated and cleaned in order to recover all possible nylon.

Through a complex process of regeneration and purification, nylon is recycled and returned to its original purity, which means that ECONYL regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon.
Finally, the new nylon is processed into yarn and used in the production of our rugs, always meeting the highest quality standards of Ferreira de Sá.

Currently our color palette for ECONYL has 45 colors. Order your ECONYL sample box here.

Advantages of ECONYL

In addition to being infinitely recyclable, not losing quality during the process and allowing the recovery of tons of waste, ECONYL has excellent technical capabilities.
The fiber is highly resistant and suitable for use in high traffic areas. In terms of maintenance, it allows washing with bleach which makes it very attractive for commercial and hotel projects. In addition, there are no differences between lots of colors and there is no peeling.

Our commitment to the planet

As environmental and social awareness is one of our fundamental principles, we always strive to reduce our ecological footprint. This concern has always been reflected in the use of ecological and sustainable raw materials, non-polluting chemicals and a vast recycling process that covers all of our facilities. Now with the introduction of ECONYL in the production of our products, we seek to continue to establish a pioneering position in environmental sustainability, ensuring good conditions for future generations.


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