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Benefits of Econyl® rugs

jun, 2020
The sustainable qualities of Econyl® rugs are well known. It’s a material that promotes circular economy, starting from regenerated Nylon to combat two of the great problems of today, the waste of resources and environmental pollution. However, Econyl® also presents a wide range of technical specifications that make it a raw material of excellence.

Sustainable Design: Excellent for the planet
Econyl® Fiber is obtained through the Econyl Regeneration System which begins by collecting Nylon from fishing nets and old carpets. For every 10,000 tons of Econyl® created, 70,000 barrels of oil are saved and 57,100 tons of CO2 emissions are reduced. Econyl Regenerated Nylon® reduces global warming by 80% compared to oil-based material. Econyl® yarn is infinitely recyclable, never losing quality during the process.

The advantages for your business
Econyl® yarn, a material that allows textures, full colour, and endless possibilities with:
• No Pilling, even with high pile textures;
• Highly Resistant, even for high traffic areas;
• Above Average Colour Fastness with minimal sunlight damage;
• Stain Resistant, does not absorb moisture;
• Easy to Clean, even with bleach;
• Greater Durability, with Minimum Maintenance requirements;
• Perfect Replication, with no difference between lots of the colour;

Benefits for Contract Projects
The qualities of Econyl® rugs are even more evident when it comes to contract designs. Our raw material allows:

Less investment costs
• No waste
• Delay replacement (resistant and high durability)

Less installation costs
• Minimizing cuts
• No underlay
• No gripper

Less maintenance costs
• Easy to clean
• Minimizing vaccum

Econyl® combines its sustainable proposal with a great value proposition with regard to technical capabilities.


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