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Founded in 1946, Ferreira de Sá is currently one of the biggest and oldest existing companies producing hand-made rugs in Europe. Located in a small town in the north of Portugal, it started off as a small manufacture and quickly evolved into a large-scale organization.
The company offers three different production techniques: the Hand-tufting, the Portuguese Hand-knotting (often called Beiriz Stitch) and the Hand-weaving. All of them are operated by talented artisans who share a passion for handcrafted and bespoke carpets and rugs.


All Ferreira de Sá carpets are custom-made and each piece is tailored and designed according to each client’s request and desire. Creating a Ferreira de Sá carpet is a unique experience. No details are left at random: the staff is always available to help and advise on new trends, colors, textures and materials. The whole process starts in-house, with a talented team of designers and artisans working in cooperation with our clients, whether it is a residential or a contract project. They strive for perfection, bearing in mind that excellence is the keyword to the company’s success.
As innovation is one of Ferreira de Sa’s most important assets, production methods and processes have been improving ever since the company was founded. By doing so, Ferreira de Sá was able to put forward new techniques and develop its production, without ever neglecting the origins of the art of weaving.


Quality - Quality is one of the few features that never go out of style. Since its foundation, the company has put all its efforts together to make sure that clients are provided with the highest quality carpets and rugs.

Design - The company endeavours to bring the latest design trends to its clients: color, shapes, textures and materials, Ferreira de Sá’s taste and fondness for elegance and details have been leaving a unique imprint in the market for the past 75 years.

Promptness & Availability - Ferreira de Sá’s commitment towards its clients starts with the very first contact. Being a customer-driven company, no details are left at random and the service is always personalized and prompt.

Excellence - The Ferreira de Sá team is focused not only on meeting but also exceeding the clients’ expectations. Delivering a very high quality combined with customer service excellence is one of the company’s guidelines.

Flexibility - Once all carpets and rugs are custom-made, Flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of Ferreira de Sá products. The 100% made-to-measure concept is the key element for all the company’s creations and it is definitely what sets it apart from all that can be found in the market.

Innovation - Mastering 3 manual different production techniques, and having kept the ancient hand-weaving and hand-knotting looms that date from its foundation, Ferreira de Sá has always been at the forefront of innovation and has helped to develop, alongside with its partners and suppliers, some of the most advanced production techniques that exist nowadays (hand-tufting and robot-tufting).

Environmental consciousness - Ferreira de Sá is committed to helping our planet: from the usage of eco-friendly raw materials and non-polluting chemical products to recycling processes, the company follows a very strict policy and brings awareness to the topic.


Ferreira de Sá ensures that all rugs are produced according to strict rules, rigorous processes and high-quality standards. All of our tapestries and processes submit to TÜV RHEINLAND PORTUGAL use rules, accreditation and quality assurance, according to ISO 9001:2015. Ferreira de Sá has been distinguished with the status of LEADING SME 2020 and EXCELLENCE SME 2019.


Be recognized as a reference company in the World market, affirming itself as a proactive and innovative company with excellent customer service.
“Your imagination is the limit…”


We exist to develop and produce high-quality carpets that satisfy and exceed customer expectations.


Customer satisfaction and demand for new international markets.
Involvement of employees and suppliers in the achievement of the company's goals.
Produce with quality contributing to the efficiency of the company.
Compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the organization.


Well-aware of the economic crisis that is happening everywhere, Ferreira de Sá has never forgotten how important it is to help those in need. Having a concise and coherent Social and Community Policy has always been one of the company’s priorities. Local charities, the City Museum and other local events are among the many institutions and events sponsored by Ferreira de Sá.

Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá, S.A.
Rua Ferreira de Sá - Silvalde, 50
4500-629 Espinho | Portugal
Mobile: (+351) 918 617 133 | (+351) 964 594 020
Phone: (+351) 227 333 070 Fax: (+351) 227 333 079



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