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Rugs you will love to purchase this winter

feb, 2018
February is marked for the fashion world, since it is the time when the presentation of the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection occurs. Inspired by the dazzling parades and vibrant colours of the fashion week in New York, we will present to you our guess for the next Autumn/Winter trends in the world of decoration, followed by some examples of our rug collections.

1- The perfect colour

Clearly the classic colours like Sargasso Sea, Tofu, Almond Buff, Quiet Gray and Meerkat (see the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report 2018) will be the most requested for this season, as they convey warmth, harmony and provide a cozy atmosphere. Although the "typical" colours will remain constantly in fashion and are timeless. Consumers are looking to add variety through the textures, fabrics and combinations, combining the decoration with these basic tones.COLLECTION SNAZZY BARS / GREEK / SHED

It should be noted that these classic tones may be combined with a colourful expression, to produce unexpected tones with which you can reinvent the history of seasonal color and allow art and originality to move forward. Red Pear or Valiant Poppy, Ceylon Yellow or Limelight, Russet Orange, Martini Olive or Quetzal Green and, of course, Ultra Violet or Crocus Petal (see the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report 2018), mixed with the seasonal shades can create a reborn space.

2- Designed Rugs VS Plain Rugs?

In fact, this choice depends on much of the vision and the environment that the client wants to provide to the space. It is indisputable that the carpet is the focal point of any room because it transmits your essence. A type of carpet we used a lot in our homes is the tribal rug. This type of pattern is the choice of the designers because it suits any environment, whether classic, hot or alkaline.COLLECTION ORBI ORIENTAL / COLLECTION SNAZZY SCARLET

On the other hand, we live in an era of creativity, imagination and bold choices. The use of carpets with contemporary standards and sophistication are the big bet to make a nice space luxurious at the same time.COLLECTION ORBI NET LINES / CIRRUS

3- Rug Material – Which One?

The world of carpets is filled with a wide variety of materials used in the production process, including wool, botanical silk and linen. Here, in Ferreira de Sá, we try to combine different types of materials to create different textures. Nowadays, the demand for innovation, exclusivity and creativity surpass the demand for a simple and daring rug. It is in this direction that we are currently moving, ensuring the excellent quality of our product as well as the novelty and innovation present in its production, feel and presentation. COLLECTION ORBI 3D-TUFTED

Source: Pantone Institute & NW Rugs


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