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What You Need to Know About Hand-Knotted Rugs

mar, 2018
Hand-knotted rugs take time, expertise and a skilled hand - if you're looking for one-of-a-kind design, this antique method of producing rugs is by far the best option. They are found in some of the world's most beautiful design projects, and it's not hard to see why: they are true masterpieces. And unlike other works of art, you can walk on these ones. In fact, their beautiful appearance transpires the strength of their construction.
More Knots, More Quality
Weaving a hand-knotted rug requires a great deal of skill and often a lot of time to produce. The quality and very often the cost of a hand-knotted rug is determined by the number of knots per centimeter. In this case, a higher density means better quality. It takes a skilled weaver about one day to make 10,000 knots, and considering a fairly good quality rug will have 80+ knots per 2,54cm (often more).

There’s Strength in Knots
Each knot is individually tied by a skilled weaver, creating an ultra-strong structure that won’t loosen or wear. Hand-knotted rugs actually get better with age. It’s as if every footstep polishes the rug – that’s what gives it a gorgeous texture.
Most traditional hand-knotted rugs are woven of wool, favored for its durability and softness underfoot. Wool is naturally strong and is stain- and water-repellent. When colored with natural vegetable dyes, the wool yields an organic look that improves with age.

Hand-Knotted Technique & Ferreira de Sá: The Connection
The hand-knotted technique has been part of our history since 1946. Over 200 people, mostly women, used to work here and they brought with them work experience and the knowledge in making the “Beiriz Stitch”, a stitch made using a manual knot and an unmistakable technique, currently known as the “Portuguese Stitch”. After 71 years, this technique still exists at Ferreira de Sá, as one of the company’s assets.
Up close and personal, the artistry and intricacy of a hand-knotted rug is breathtaking. Using fine materials like silk and wool, these rugs are woven together using a method that’s been relatively unchanged for centuries. It’s not only the creation of a rug: it’s the tradition, passion and dedication that it shows. The results are fascinating.

Creating Masterpieces Take Time
Because these rugs are made by human hands and natural fibers, there are enchanting imperfections in the fibers of material and differences in the human construction that make each rug unique, and treasured. Since hand-knotted rugs carefully handmade with great pride, creating one rug can take many months to complete – but it is worth the wait. One of these masterpieces can transform your space into a thing of beauty, and be enjoyed for many decades to come.


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