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Tips to Welcome Spring To Your Home

apr, 2018
March is a month of transition and rebirth. Winter gives way to spring, cold and raining days are finally over! Also the days grow longer and lighter and our hearts have a tendency to follow suit. It’s time to embrace the change of season with beautiful, colorful and happy rugs. Here some ideas to start a fresh make over into your home.

1- Decorate your space with Hand-Woven Rugs
As we mentioned in the last post weaving rugs are far away the most suitable rugs in this season. They have great benefits, both functionally and aesthetically, that make them one of our favorites choices for decorating. In addition, these rugs come in a wonderful variety of colors and patterns which makes everything possible. They don’t take much time to produce and don’t require special cares.
Our Hand-Woven Collection is a combination of four different manufacturing techniques and patterns: Saudade, Single, Maresia and Combi Looms. Each one is produced on our traditional wooden looms from 1946, in which we have been creating true master pieces.

2- Use Colorful Rugs – Make your home more comfy
With the beginning of spring, the daylight becomes more present in your spaces, making it important to combine bright and color. Following the season it is essential to change the decor from dark and heavy to cheerful and colorful. It is necessary to bring more happiness through color or joining different shades. The blend of cheerful tones in the décor is the right choice to transpose a spring mood in your home.

3- Flowery Rugs are an excellent option for this season
The flowers is undoubtedly the trend this season. A room with flowers gives you a pleasant environment, especially accompanied with other decorating items. To bring the spring spirit to your home, you should choose the flowery and colorful carpets. It is time to let the house flourish along with nature. For those who are not flower lovers, other patterns present in nature also match the season.

4- Do you have an Outdoor space? Check out our Outdoor Collection
Spring trends are not limited to the interior. After the winter, it is normal that we want to go outside. There are many ways to decorate your outdoor space and the trends indicated above can be applied outdoors: on a deck, in a garden or on the doorstep. Adding an outdoor rug is the perfect way to turn the exterior of your home into an area of beauty and tranquility.
Ferreira de Sá offers rugs that can be placed both inside and outside, produced through the Hand-Woven technique. The material used in this production is Polyester and our company has a range of 41 different colors, with a variety of options.


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