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ModaLisboa and Ferreira de Sá Rugs

mar, 2019
MODALISBOA INSIGHT aims to reflect on the challenges suggested by the desire to question and rethink the image projected by fashion - a desire to find a balance between artistic individuality and sharing of knowledge, between the emotional irreverence and the urgency of networking the signature of a community, a country, a time.
31 collections, 21 parades, 9 LAB designers, 6 finalists Sangue Novo, 4 designers Workstation, 4 days of MODALISBOA INSIGHT, from 7 to 10 March, in 4 different spaces, in an edition that intends to be a transversal reflection on the new dynamics and the motivations created by fashion.
First in the Carpintarias de São Lázaro and later in the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, there will be numerous parades and presentations, from the new creators to the already consolidated names of the national fashion, in a calendar that extends until Sunday. The event does not just happen on the run - as is customary, the first-day talks focus attention on pressing themes of what is the most powerful creative industry in the world. During the weekend, you can visit the Wonder Room - a temporary store that privileges new brands and national creators.
Friday, the 8th, marks the beginning of the fashion shows of the Carlos Lopes Pavilion with the final of the contest Sangue Novo that marks the start of the official presentations of the collections for the Fall / Winter 19/20.

Ferreira de Sá is again present in this edition with the GARDEN rug from our collection Hand-Woven Saudade Looms that will be exposed in the creators' room. This is the most premium room of the event, where only the guests of the Designers and selected guests of the organization enter. It's a very intimate room with a grand staircase that usually our architects always make notes, with carpets and cushions to make it more distinct.


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