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Rediscovering Daciano da Costa - New Rugs

apr, 2020
The Daciano da Costa collection, currently has 12 rugs and was born from a partnership between Ferreira de Sá and Atelier Daciano da Costa. The purpose of this partnership is to contribute to the enhancement and dissemination of Daciano da Costa's heritage. In this sense, Penta models have now been reinvented. Inspired by the Hotel Penta, built between 1971 and 1975, the Penta I, II, III, IV, VII and XI were added to the collection and seek to keep the artist's work alive.

PENTA I – 2nd Edition

PENTA II – 2nd Edition

PENTA III – 2nd Edition

PENTA IV – 2nd Edition

PENTA VII – 2nd Edition

PENTA XI – 2nd Edition


The Artist

Daciano da Costa (1930-2005) was undoubtedly one of the most important figures in Portuguese design in the second half of the 20th century. Beginning his training at the Escola de Artes Decorativas António Arroio and later the painting course at the Escola de Belas-Artes de Lisboa, Daciano grew as an artist. In the collaboration at Frederico George's Atelier, Daciano da Costa began to develop a sensitivity for the systematic and rational processes of the project without ever failing to take into account the poetry contained in the subjective approach to problems.
When he established his own studio, Daciano da Costa abandoned painting and turned to industrial design and interior design - without leaving out corporate design in a gradual approach to the universe of architecture, industrial production and the market.
Throughout his career he was recognized with several awards, such as the Grand Officer degree of the Order of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic (1995), the Annual Architecture Prize of the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Art Critics and the Medal of the National Society of Fine Arts. In 2002 he was also appointed Honorary Member of the Order of Architects. *

The atelier and the Society

The mission of Atelier and Sociedade Daciano da Costa is to “Pay homage to Daciano da Costa keeping his memory and work alive. The Society's mission is to communicate, preserve and internationalize your life. Daciano da Costa's work teaches a way of looking at the world and a design philosophy that deserves to be shared. ”

Penta I Rug at the Prime Minister's Official Residence
TAPETE PENTA I – 1st Edition

One of the places where the carpets in this collection can be seen is at the Palace of S. Bento, the official residence of the Prime Minister. The rug in question is a Penta I from the first edition of the collection. The rug is being displayed together with 3 more Ferreira de Sá rugs inserted in the exhibition "Design em São Bento – Traços da Cultura Portuguesa"

The rugs also stood out in the 95th edition of Revista Essential Lisboa * in a participation by Atelier Daciano da Costa with the Article Design For All.
See the article:
Magazine link:

*Texts by artist and atelier Daciano da Costa created based on information from the atelier website (


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